The Montgó Natural Park stands out for its vegetal variety and the views that it provides of Jávea and Dénia.

Montgó Natural Park

The natural park is made up of Cape San Antonio, Las Planas and the Montgó hill, which reaches a maximum height of 723m above sea level between the plains of Jávea, Dénia and Ondara. It has a surface of 2117 ha and there are more than 650 flora species coexisting in it.

It is the best destination of the area if you are keen on hiking and you enjoy the beautiful sights. There is a long path adapted for walking up to the peak where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Jávea and Dénia. Moreover, its proximity to the sea not only creates an attractive sight but also makes the descent steeper. On the other hand, it is a perfect place to do tourist activities both in the mountain and in the sea.

In this mountainous paradise the Cueva del Agua stands out, which was used by the romans to supply water to their army. On the other hand, it was also used by the Arabs who built a dam to stock up on water. Moreover, we can find the Camel Cave, the Fig Cave and more cavities formed due to its karstic characteristic.


Montgó Natural Park: privileged climate, fauna and flora.


The climate of this area is a real privilege, since it belongs to the Mediterranean. This means mild winters, although they are also cold depending on the altitude, and dry and hot summers. The precipitations are not very common and they usually happen in spring and autumn.

The Montgó Natural Park enjoys a very diverse and changeable flora. Nowadays the most common are bushes, holm oak, scrubs, marine flora and cultivations such as vineyards, almond or orange trees. Moreover, the fauna has adapted to this and you can find many birds and mammals common to this kind of setting. It is one of the zones with the greatest vegetal variety with more than 800 species, and that is what it was declared Natural Park.


Beach and mountain, why choose?


It is an area which joins together two paradises in a close space: mountain and coast. That is why it is one of the best places to choose for staying. Moreover, the towns which surround it are the destinations which make you fall in love for its activities, gastronomy and sights. Jávea, Dénia and the Montgó Hill itself set up a perfect combination for each person who enjoys good experiences.

Discover the Montgó Natural Park with Villas Bonet and let yourself be carried along by one of the most charming landscape of the area. Take a look at the villas we have around this natural paradise.


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