Why own a luxury second home in Spain?

Getting out of the cities to popular holiday destinations, owning a second home and retiring in Spain if you are a foreigner, has never been so attractive.
Did you know that 60-90% of real estate transactions in prime coastal areas of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal are purchases by foreign buyers?
Several vacation spots are populated by first and second homeowners who are attracted by the exceptional local culture and lifestyle amenities. These resorts and vacation spots are frequented by the local population also on vacations and weekends.
From mountains and hills to island paradises and frontline ocean views; from quiet villages to chic cities, we have identified the seven key factors that drive international buyers to purchase a vacation property abroad.

Warmer climate

Most second home buyers want properties in regions that offer a warm climate. Imagine swimming or walking on the beach as part of your daily routine. For years, the pleasant climate of major second-home centers (with 300 days of sunshine or more per year) has attracted residents from colder climates, leaving the snow and cold behind.
Winters are mild, and temperatures usually do not drop below freezing. When the weather is warm and sunny, it is easier to spend more time outdoors and enjoy a more fulfilling, active and socially integrated lifestyle.

Lifestyle and hobbies

While the primary residence is often associated with business interests, second homes are often linked to hobbies and vacations. Those who work hard want to have a private place to retreat to and savor their leisure time. This is why sun resorts are often frequented by wealthy visitors.
Many buy real estate for investment purposes. However, a large majority fall in love with the destinations during their travels or while pursuing lifestyle activities. Quality of amenities and lifestyle are becoming essential aspects for affluent buyers. For example, distance to the golf course or marina is often considered more important than the size of a home.
Foreign homeowners and retirees often have plenty to choose from in resort areas, given the wide range of cultural, leisure and sporting activities. Museums, festivals, hiking, sailing, swimming, fine dining and excellent markets: it’s just a small part of what’s on offer.
Buyers of premium properties tend to look for real estate located close to their yacht moorings.
The marinas of the Western Mediterranean region (Spain, France, Italy and Malta) have become global benchmarks for the maritime lifestyle over the past 20 years. The most popular destinations for sailing in Spain are the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza/Formentera, Menorca) and Marbella. It is no wonder that, in the summer months, most of the world’s 100 largest private yachts are seen plying the waters of the Mediterranean.

Health and quality of life
Many of the coastal locations offer a more relaxed, unhurried and traditional way of life. Thanks to this Mediterranean lifestyle, healthy and natural food, clean air and more than 300 days of sunshine a year, people tend to live longer here than the European average.
Spain is a very attractive country because not only do they share a love of wonderful food, but they have fun-loving cultures that place a high value on family and friendships, which foreigners value highly.
Healthcare is also an essential factor to consider if you plan to live or spend a lot of time abroad. Most countries, but especially France and Spain, offer cheap health care that is among the best in the world.

Cost of living

Many people who buy property in Spain do so to benefit from lower living costs and a higher standard of living. In general, this translates into a much more rewarding lifestyle. For example, the cost of living in Spain or Portugal is substantially lower than in most European countries and major cities.

However, not everyone who establishes a secondary residence or retires abroad does so for economic reasons. Wealthy retirees and vacation property owners tend to opt for countries of great luxury, comfort, scenery and security.

Real estate visas and tax advantages

Attractive benefits such as citizenship by investment, known as Golden Visa, and effective tax incentives are proving popular with foreign real estate investors.
The Golden Visa program offers foreign buyers a residence permit in exchange for the purchase of a property above a certain value. It has already been implemented in Portugal, Spain, Malta, Cyprus and Greece. The system is very successful.

Privacy and security

In the age of smartphones, inescapable social media commentary and rising crime levels, there is a growing desire for privacy and security. This is particularly essential for buyers of high-end luxury and celebrity properties. Many wealthy homeowners desire security, convenience and privacy. As a result, they often choose properties in quiet medieval villages or other secluded areas, as these locations tend to be safer. And for this reason, villas are the perfect property as they are usually secluded enough but still within the city.

Ease of travel

Buyers of luxury second homes are undoubtedly looking for convenience when it comes to travel and transportation. A second home should be within easy commuting distance of both the primary residence and nearby major cities.
Most prime properties are located within walking distance of a major airport, with easy access to shopping and services.

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If you are thinking of buying a second property, it is clear that Spain has countless advantages. The climate, lifestyle and high standard of living are second to none, and there is the added advantage of tax benefits offered to foreign nationals. With the convenience of direct flights to surrounding countries, and basic needs such as health, privacy and security covered, it is the right time to take the plunge and make an investment in a property you will never regret. If you wish to see the villas for sale, do not hesitate to visit them on our website www.villasbonet.com or contact us for more information by sending an email to [email protected].

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